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If you're feeling intimidated by your Google Ad Grants account, you are not alone. Google Ads are hard to navigate and the grant program adds another layer of complexity. But with up to $10,000 per month offered by the program, you can't afford to leave the money on the table.


I offer wraparound Google Ad Grant Management services so you get all the benefits without spending staff time and effort. Learn more and get started today:

Google Ad Grant Management

Fill out this quick interest form and I'll reach out to you within 1-3 business days:


Keyword Research

I'll dive into SEO research to select keywords, craft headlines, choose calls to action, and define the overall campaign structure.

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More about our setup and ongoing Google Ad Grants services:

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Planning & Goals

At the outset of our work together, we'll meet with your key stakeholders to discuss what success looks like, choose key website landing pages, and make sure Google Ads and Analytics are ready to capture your data. 

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Start Running Ads

I'll implement the campaigns, ad groups, ad text, and extensions in a well-organized structure in compliance with Grant restrictions and optimized for success. 


Analyze & Iterate

After a few weeks, Ads will have a lot of good data for us to leverage for growth and impact. I'll analyze the data to understand search intent, effective text, and high-quality keywords. Within the first 90 days, I'll go through at least three rounds of iteration and optimization

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After your Google Ad Grants are set up, optimized, and humming along, I'll check in on the campaigns every few weeks to make sure it continues to run smoothly. 

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